Throughout the life of a casing, DLS Retreading provides the highest quality retreading service available using state-of-the-art techniques and materials. We follow Continental's LifeCycle® retread process to obtain the maximum service life from every tire that comes through our door. Continental is a leader in retread technology and offers a variety of treads designed to meet the expansive needs of our customers.

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New Commercial Tires

We are committed to working only with the world`s best manufacturers who offer the most innovative and cost-effective products available. We inventory a complete line of high-quality commercial tire products from companies recognized as industry leaders and celebrated for their superior performance standards.

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Industrial / OTR Tires & Wheels

DLS Retreading provides world-class products and innovative services that support businesses across the Carolina's and Georgia., We supply tires, tracks and wheels for all types of equipment including forklifts, all terrain lifts, skid steers, tow tractors, graders, loaders, backhoes, cranes, container haulers, scissor lifts, boom lifts, carts and more.

A few of the applications we can meet specifications for include docks, warehouses, construction sites, lumber yards, brick yards, concrete precast, scrap yards, airports, seaports, research facilities and quarries. Among our offerings are cushion or press-on band tires, solid pneumatic or resilient tires, radial pneumatic tires, bias ply pneumatic tires, poly tires, load wheels, and casters. We also carry retreaded, remolded tires in cushion / press-ons, solid, and pneumatic tires.

Our experts assist customers in determining the lowest-cost-per-hour products available for their specific use. We compare premium, mid-grade, economy grade tires and retread options to determine what best meets your needs.

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